How to Format a Paper for College


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In addition to writing diploma and course, control and abstracts, students have to write and arrange paper for college. This type of work is characterized by greater freedom of expression of thoughts, but there are still general rules for its creation.

What is paper for college?

Paper for college is a small essay written in free form. It should reflect the personal impressions and thoughts of the author on a particular topic or issue. paper for college does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation of a phenomenon or object.

Paper for college can be distinguished as a genre by the following features:

  • The presence of a specific topic. If the topic addresses a number of issues, it refers to the abstract.
  • Author paper for college expresses a new, subjective opinion. The nature of the work may be journalistic, popular science, critical or fictional (close to the style of presentation in fiction).
  • The content of paper for college primarily reflects the personal characteristics of the author.

In the work there are several parts, each of which is created according to certain rules.

Each school usually has its own requirements for the design of scientific papers. However, it is worth considering the most commonly used.


The standard requirements for scientific papers indicate the font Times New Roman, and the size of the text is 14. The spacing between lines in most paper for college is 1.5. Such requirements are specified in GOST 7.32 – 2001.


The main part is recommended to break into subtitles. They are distinguished in bold. Subtitles are indented, capitalized, with no full stop or other punctuation marks at the end.

Graphic data

Tables and charts should be placed in the main part of the paper for college. Figures do not number, and the name is placed in the middle of the line, under the image. Tables are described above.


When writing paper for college apply continuous numbering. It is not put on the title page, but it is taken into account.